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specs surface nano analysis gmbh innovation in surface - specs leads the way in state of the art technology cutting edge components compact and individually designed systems for surface analysis, sam aes auger electron spectroscopy surface science - scanning auger microscopy sam technique scanning auger microscopy sam is also known as auger electron spectroscopy aes in this technique the sample surface is bombarded with a high energy 3 10 kv primary electron beam which results in the emission of secondary backscattered and auger electrons from the area of bombardment and these can be readily detected and analyzed, xps x ray photoelectron analysis services at surface - x ray photoelectron spectroscopy xps or esca is an analytical technique that depends upon the measurement of the energies of photoelectrons that are emitted from atoms when they are irradiated by soft x ray photons 1 2 kev, materials sciences microscopy surface analysis eag - for over 50 years eag s scientists have applied advanced analytical techniques to solve tough problems and support r d activities for manufacturers and users of a wide variety of chemicals and materials, boeing radiation effects laboratory - the boeing radiation effects laboratory is the largest private radiation test lab in aerospace leading the industry in radiation simulation testing and qualification of materials and electronics, amazon com an introduction to surface analysis by xps and - an introduction to surface analysis by electron spectroscopyis a clear and accessible introduction to the key spectroscopictechniques used in surface analysis focusing on the two mostpopular surface science techniques x ray photoelectronspectroscopy xps and auger electron spectroscopy aes the bookwill be of benefit to both students and users in industry whorequire a rapid grounding in, pycse python3 computations in science and engineering - python is a basic calculator out of the box here we consider the most basic mathematical operations addition subtraction multiplication division and exponenetiation we use the func print to get the output, the 50 most influential scientists in the world today - this article focuses on the 50 most influential scientists alive today and their profound contributions to science these are scientists who have invented the internet and fiber optics challenged aids and cancer developed new drugs and in general made crucial advances in medicine genetics astronomy ecology physics and computer programming, rutgers university department of physics and astronomy - rutgers physics news the 2018 clarivate analytics formerly thomson reuters list of highly cited researchers was just released and we are delighted that once again two of our colleagues sang wook cheong and saurabh jha are included among this group this distinction places them among the top 1 most cited for their subject field and year of publication earning them the mark of exceptional, research videos scientists share their latest thinking - browse our website and be inspired by loads of research videos featuring scientists and academics from various fields of study latest thinking provides you with free access to what is cutting edge research, black female scientists kylamcmullen com - postdoctoral research assistant institution university of maryland baltimore county education ph d in physics from the university of michigan ann arbor masters degree in physics from university of michigan ann arbor bachelor of science degree from the florida state university tallahassee fl my research aims to understand the relationships between the composition and surface, march 14 today in science history scientists born on - born 14 mar 1934 died 16 jan 2017 at age 82 quotes american astronaut who travelled into space three times when he left his spacecraft for more than two hours during the gemini 9 mission 1966 he was the second american to make a tethered extravehicular activity as a member of the apollo 10 flight launched 18 may 1969 he piloted the lunar module to within 10 miles of the lunar surface, rgd modified polymers biomaterials for stimulated cell - 1 introductionthese days a large number of synthetic polymeric materials with various different properties are available for medical applications like prostheses implants and tissue engineering matrices, dna biocomputer reprogramming rex research - chapter 9 the mysterious dna junk dna while western science invested in the international human genome project focusing on the 5 of the encoding triplets of dna in the soviet union in 1990 a group of russian scientists of the russian academy of sciences was formed to study the complete human genome, time for the slayers to put up or shut up roy spencer phd - time for the slayers to put up or shut up may 10th 2013 by roy w spencer ph d, sensor deck atomic rockets - the two main functions of sensors are navigational and tactical navigational sensors are used by the astrogator to determine the spacecraft s current position vector and heading they are also used by the pilot to perform the maneuvers calculated by the astrogator, work with us tidewater inc - join tidewater for an engaging career like the services we provide our career opportunities are numerous and encompass several different disciplines especially expertise in environmental engineering and facilities management